Links to Slides and Recording of OCLC Research Webinar on Survey of Special Collections and Archives

If you missed last Thursday’s OCLC Research Webinar on its Survey of Special Collections and Archives, Program Officer Jackie Dooley has shared some links to slides and the recording of the webinar:

The WebEx links above are only temporary and may only work for the next few weeks. OCLC Research will post a persistent version of this webinar recording on the OCLC Research Web site and in iTunes in the near future.  That’s good to hear, because the WebEx player is finicky and doesn’t always load properly.

In the webinar, Jackie discussed the Taking Our Pulse: The OCLC Research Survey of Special Collections and Archives project.  The project involved surveying 275 institutions across the U.S. and Canada to ” determine norms across the community and to provide data to support decision-making and priority setting.”   Jackie also covered key implications of the survey results for the special collections and archives community, as well as the recommended action items included in the new OCLC Research report, which is available online at:

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